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Frontier Sumatra: The World's Largest Carbon Project

1 x 52 HD 4K

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Frontier Borneo series on Discovery Channel comes a new adventure in the wilds of Sumatra, Indonesia.


Frontier Sumatra tells the incredible story of the people, the animals and the land of Kampar Peninsula in Riau Province, a remote peatland rainforest the size of London.  At its heart is Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER), an ambitious project that unites community, scientists and industry in the never-ending battle to protect one of Earth’s most important, yet least understood, ecosystems.


The RER has recently been certified by enviromental registry Verra with an estimated 6.8m tons of carbon credits annually, making it the largest carbon project in the world.


We follow heroic rangers, scientists, and forest managers as they work to save one of the last great peat forests in South East Asia. We push deep into this impenetrable forest to uncover the secrets of a world barely studied, encounter the extraordinary wildlife that lives here, and discover what it takes to preserve this remarkable habitat for future generations.

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