Wild City Episode 6: River World

1 x 60 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

This is a fascinating exploration of a city's most precious resource - water - and the myriad of animals that call it home. In this latest episode of Wild City, we’ll follow two otter families and encounter macaques, pythons, stingrays, and other creatures battling to survive and learning to flourish in the waterways of Singapore. 


The city's canals, rivers and reservoirs criss-cross a thriving metropolis, and vitally connect the city's people and its water-loving wildlife as they live side by side. We trace this story via the development of Singapore's conservation efforts, with world-renowned features such as the Gardens of the Bay.


The development of complex water networks across the city has led these animals to thrive in unexpected and remarkable ways. Many of their behaviours have never been witnessed before, and showcase wildlife's incredible adaptability to city life.


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