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Carry On Caravanning

7 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel 5

There are 1 million caravans in Britain and over 400 caravan clubs.

So get ready to meet Britain’s fun seeking, slow-lane-hogging “carafans”. They come from all backgrounds and parts of the country but they’ve got one thing in common… in the face of angry drivers, jet set snobs and the Great British weather, these intrepid travellers spend all the free time they can get with their fellow “carafans”, and their cherished box of delights.

In this hilarious, character driven documentary  we join a cast of colourful caravanning characters as they cross the country on a weekend break.  It’s a “Little Britain” world that feels familiar yet strange at the same time.  They might not be cool, they might not be popular, they might not collect many air miles, but they’re a close-knit community, they wouldn’t swap their mobile maisonettes for the world and if you don’t like them… you can kiss their caravan!

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