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Isles of the Queen

Format: 5 x 43
Broadcaster(s):  ARTE
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The chalk cliffs of Southern England, the rolling hills of the South-East, the granite cliffs, snowy mountains, high and lowlands of the North: no other European country has such a diverse landscape as Great Britain. The storm-tossed stone cottages in the marshlands, the tropical beaches of the flower island Tresco offer the full spectrum, and the islands are a habitat for rare animals, which can only be found there.

The lifestyle on the scarcely populated island is archaic, close to nature, slow and, most of all, challenging: the further one moves up north, the more energy and strength people have to invest, in order to survive in the barren nature. The more secluded areas are not connected to any transportation network, or are only accessible by ferry. During storms these islands are completely isolated from the outside world and it can get uncomfortable. This hostility towards life, the isolation and the rough environment is what attracts artists, creative minds and novelists to the islands.

The Islands of the Queen has an ambitious goal: In 5 episodes it visits the fascinating British Islands. Parts of the story are told from a birds eye perspective, which presents the landscapes from a new and unique vantage point: We fly over spiky rock needles, discover secluded bays and gigantic bird colonies, buffeted by the sea. Every now and then the camera ‘discovers’ the protagonist below. Whether its time for tea in the watch house of St. Mary, or time for treasure hunting on St. Kilda, this journey is going to be very British.

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