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The World From Above - Series 2

14 x 26 HD

The second series of The World from Above flies across some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the world including[G[G floating over Venice; finding four US presidents carved into the rock at Mount Rushmore; circling over twenty chateaux in the Loire Valley; flying up the Danube to find an enormous temple dedicated to Valhalla; discovering the largest solar complex at Seville; revealing Civil War battlefields in Virginia; seeking out s Atlantic Wall in the Channel Islands; exploring the beautiful coastline of Maine; peering through mist at Mizzen Head in Ireland;[G[G Flying coast to coast across Scotland; circling the largest of the Balearic Islands; discovering the beauty of South Carolina and soaring over one of the largest bridges in the world between two Danish islands. Each programme takes in around thirty spectacular locations and shows them in a unique way from the air.

Episode 1: Isles of Shoals to Bath
Episode 2: Seville to El Torcal Park
Episode 3: Kalundborg to Skagen
Episode 4: The Channel Islands
Episode 5: Verona to Venice and Vicenza
Episode 6: Mallorca
Episode 7: South Spearfish to Mount Rushmore
Episode 8: Williamsburg to Assateague Island
Episode 9: Saint Nazaire to Vaux-le-Vicomte
Episode 10: South Myrtle Beach to Strom Thurmond Lake
Episode 11: Mizzen Head to Powerscourt
Episode 12: Muirfield to Fingal's Cave
Episode 13: Bayreuth to Munich
Episode 14: Bouillon to Brussels


From the series The World From Above.

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