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A Dog for Life

13 x 24 HD 4K

A Dog for Life is a heart-warming series which pairs rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes with loving families and individuals in search of the perfect canine companion.


Join chief matchmaker Sue White and her team of vets, groomers and dog behaviour experts as they assess the unique needs of each dog-lover and reveal the secrets behind finding the perfect match! The hounds are a mix of scruffy and cute, goofy and beautiful - who despite being abandoned have found their way to a dog rescue shelter for a second chance at love. It is Sue's mission to find these dogs a new home and help the humans look beyond the fluff and find "the one". 


Full of amazing stories of strength and resilience, and happy endings all around, this is a series which celebrates diversity - both in humans and dogs - and shows that the perfect companion is waiting just around the corner. Discover the amazing impact dogs can have on humans in a series which reveals the wonderful ways these loveable creatures truly are Man's Best Friend. 



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