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Aerial Profiles, Series 2

6 x 52 / 12 x 26 HD 4K

Aerial Profiles takes to the skies for a second season to show how human activity has left its visible mark on our landscape, and how the landscape, in turn, has influenced the development of our countries. In this brand new series we travel to Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Wales and Spain telling the unique history of each nation from a bird’s eye view.


Iceland From Above (1 x 52) - Iceland truly is the land of ice and fire. With some two hundred volcanoes and glaciers and lava beds covering much of the country, Iceland has a magnificent landscape. It also has an ancient history and one of the oldest parliaments in the world. Despite being steeped in myth and legend, Iceland has a thoroughly modern outlook in areas such as energy generation and conservation.

Wales From Above (1 x 52) - We move to the gentler landscape of Wales, famed for its beauty and historic past. Despite its beauty, Wales has a strong industrial heritage as a major producer of copper, iron, steel and coal. Now it attracts millions of visitors to enjoy its lush landscape and fabulous coastline.


Ireland From Above (1 x 52) - We head west to explore the Island of Ireland, the ‘Emerald Isle’. With tales of giants and leprechauns, Ireland is a magical place – with a magnificent landscape, from the Giants’ Causeway in the north, to the rugged coastline in the south. There is also ample evidence of a magnificent history stretching back into the mists of time.

Switzerland From Above (1 x 52) - Here we see the highest railway station in Europe that’s actually built underground. The magnificent scenery of the Matterhorn and the Eiger contrast richly with Switzerland’s huge lakes, and we fly between the peaks to catch an eagle’s eye view of this spectacular landscape.

Spain From Above (2 x 52) - We head to Spain covering the northern and southern halves of the country. Spain is a country of huge contrasts – from idyllic beaches to snowy mountains, from lush valleys to arid plains. And this fantastic variety is underlined by a rich history, and some of the most fascinating cities. The fusion of Christian and Islamic culture (sometimes in the same building ) and centuries-old architecture, is balanced by modern, gleaming cities and extraordinary modernist design.

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