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In My Mind

19 x 29 HD
Broadcaster:  TVNZ

One in four people will experience mental health struggles throughout their life. In a world full of increasingly impossible expectations, we are facing an anxiety epidemic, and it is time to talk more openly about these societal issues, and seek help when it is most needed.

This award-winning series challenges the stigmas surrounding mental health. Meet inspiring rugby players and comedians dealing with depression, learn from medical experts why teenage brains are more vulnerable to anxiety, and unpick why social media pressure is the driving force behind mental health illnesses in men. Hear from men and women speaking out about social media addiction, suicide and self-harm, battles with anorexia, bulimia and post-natal depression.

Through a series of raw, honest and accessible personal stories, and featuring world-leading health experts, In My Mind breaks down the negative perceptions of mental health.

Winner: Best Sound and Visual Journalism - Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Service Awards


Full Collection:

Episode 1: Overcoming Anorexia

Episode 2: Understanding Anorexia

Episode 3: Youth Suicide

Episode 4: Male Mental Health

Episode 5: Social, Support

Episode 6: Social Obsession

Episode 7: Mums

Episode 8: Body

Episode 9: Burnout

Episode 10: Depression

Episode 11: Auditory Hallucination - Hearing Voices

Episode 12: Psychosis

Episode 13: Homelesness

Episode 14: Treating Anorexia

Episode 15: Huntington's Disease

Episode 16: Breaking Point

Episode 17: Midlife Crisis

Episode 18: Teen Anxiety




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