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My Brother the Serial Killer

1 x 52 / 1 x 60 / 1 x 90 HD
Broadcaster:  Investigation Discovery

America’s most notorious serial killer Glen Rogers left four women dead during a cross-country murder spree in 1995 and boasted of killing over 70 people. With Rogers now on death row and soon to be executed in Florida, his brother Clay tells the chilling story of a troubled youth turned ‘Casanova Killer’.


Clay narrates a film of their life, revealing an American tragedy of moonshine, demons and lost love that ends in betrayal and murder. Through chilling home movies and private letters, Clay reveals how he led his kid brother into crime to escape hunger and violence inside their home.But when Clay found a body in a family cabin in Kentucky in 1993, he had to decide if he’d suffer a killer in the family, and turned his brother in to the police.


With his execution now approaching, Glen Rogers makes a shocking confession. He tells his brother and criminal profiler Anthony Meoli that he committed many more murders - including killing the ex-wife of OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.


"Frightening, well done and riveting" - New York Post


"An articulate and candid central interviewee, coupled with the sensationalist claim that the eponymous murderer may have been responsible for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, elevate Aussie-U.S. co-production "My Brother the Serial Killer" above most made-for-TV true-crime fare." - Variety


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