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Capital Floyd

Format: 7 x 30
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 5

Eccentric chef Keith Floyd returns for a seven-part series, exploring five European cities chosen for their diverse and contrasting cuisines and cultures. Join Keith for an epic journey across Europe, along with two Christmas Specials shot in Keith’s kitchen and the snow-clad Norwegian mountains.

We have a natural curiosity about our European neighbours, but how much do we really know about their lives and the everyday context in which they shop, cook and entertain? Travelling to Madrid, Oslo, Lapland, Edinburgh, Prague and Vienna, the internationally renowned TV chef gives us insight into how cuisine is integrated into local culture, as well as how local lifestyle has shaped the dishes themselves.

Combining travel, history and, of course, the finest culinary creations, Floyd fashions his own original dishes inspired by the places he visits.

Episode list: Madrid, Oslo, Christmas Special 1, Christmas Special 2, Edinburgh, Prague, Vienna.

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