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Domino's Pizza: A Slice of Life

1 x 46 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel 4

This brand new fly-on-the-wall documentary gives intimate access to one of the world’s best loved brands, as it goes behind the counters of the pizza giant for the very first time.

Domino’s is the UK's biggest food delivery company, dealing with 1.6 million pizza orders every week, and with unique access to their twenty five thousand employees, from managers to drivers, pizza designers to Domino’s HQ, we lift the lid on this billion pound business.  

Domino's has an almost cult-like status amongst their workers, many of whom live and breath the brand to an almost obsessive level. These so called 'Dominoids' practically have pizza sauce in their veins. They sell the American dream, where hard work (for some) can lead to extreme wealth. Come meet these characters, from the pizza designers creating Chicken Tikka Pizza to the UK's fastest pizza maker!

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