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Floyd Around the Med

Format: 9 x 24
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 5

The Moorish invasion of Spain from across the Straits of Gibraltar in 700AD dramatically shaped the culture, the science, the astronomy, the gastronomy, the agriculture, religion and civilisation of Europe. It is from Gibraltar that Floyd begins a journey that takes him from the Pillars of Hercules, the gateway to the Mediterranean, through to the alluvial plains of the Nile Valley, the veritable cradle of civilisation.

In this stylish and rumbustuous nine part television series, lubricated with Olive oil and washed down with wine, Floyd, with frying pan in hand, embarks on a magical journey through the rich and varied cultures of the Mediterranean. Along the way Floyd will explore the culture and lifestyles of the local people, meet with various celebrities at major well-known events and join British tourists who annually invade coastal resorts throughout the region for two weeks of rest and recuperation.

He will witness the splendour of the architecture and discover the pride and passion that lays behind the history of the Med. Floyd will celebrate, as people always have, in the great traditions of food and wine, the exotic fruits, vegetables and spices that have influenced cooking throughout the world.

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