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Southeast Asia On A Plate

3 x 43 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

A melting pot of cultures, Southeast Asia is well known to be the globe's food haven, boasting dishes imbued with rich flavours and culinary histories influenced by centuries worth of trade, migration and war.

The pursuit for precious spices and riches catalysed the spice trade, marking the advent of globalisation and international trade as early as the 14th century. How does this manifest in the well-loved dishes we have on our plates today?

Explore the origins of Lechon in Cebu, Philippines, revealing its connections to ancient traders and conquerors, unravel the complex history behind the creation of Rendang, once hailed as the world's most delicious food, and delve into the diverse world of Kueh, from Ang Ku Kueh to Kueh Lapis Legit, highlighting Southeast Asia's colorful history of migration and war.

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