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Should We Be Afraid Of TikTok?

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Broadcaster:  CNA

Why is a platform for silly videos banned in the US and India? And why would such a ban hit India's rural poor? Is there more to TikTok than we presume?


We examine the impact TikTok already has on the music billboard charts. We see how the app can be used to embarrass even the world's most powerful man - the US President. We shine the spotlight on the algorithm TikTok uses to feed you the videos you get to watch, and see how that has upended the high school logic of popularity, by giving the underdogs the spotlight they never used to have on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We see how TikTok is connecting illiterate audiences where no social media platform has been before.


Has the best thing to happen to social media in a long while become the victim of a global power struggle?


From the series The Truth About Viral Videos

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