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Climate for Change

4 x 48 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  CNA

Investigating the waste epidemic plaguing the modern world, this global series uncovers the importance of developing a ‘circular economy’ in which we reuse and recycle materials and products for as long as possible.


Climate for Change showcases innovative climate-saving projects, unveiling new ways of doing business where nothing goes to waste. Travelling across the world from a pioneering American lab producing waste-less lab-grown meat, to a Swedish wind farm, this series also looks at the latest international innovations in solar, wind, biofuels and natural gas, introducing the people who are seizing opportunities to re-purpose waste and contribute to creating a booming circular economy.


This ground-breaking series unveils how we can harness green energy to power our future, reap environmental and financial rewards, and, solve the global waste problem. Is the world ready? Climate for Change argues yes.

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