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Catching a Serial Killer: Death & Injustice in Korea

2 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

This is the incredible story of South Korea’s most infamous cold case and its first ever serial killer.


The notorious killer plagued the rural city of Hwaseong with 10 murders in just four years, leading to the largest manhunt the country has ever seen, and a 30-year long investigation. In 2019, new DNA technology uncovered the real culprit, exposing a monumental miscarriage of justice. This special mini-series recaps the twists and turns of the police investigation, the vital evidence that was overlooked and the emotional trauma felt in a town where locals were scared to leave their homes.


Featuring searing testimony from witnesses, dramatic reconstructions, and exclusive interviews with Sung-yeo Yoon, the man convicted of the serial murders, who wrongly served 20 years in prison.


Winner: Silver Medal - Documentary - Social Justice at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 


Winner: Bronze Medal - Documentary - Docudrama at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 

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