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India From Above

1 X 60 4K

India From Above takes an epic aerial journey across this vast nation to showcase its dramatic landscape and enormous population in all its myriad colours, shapes and intrigues.


From ancient marvels like the stepwells of Rajasthan to modern day engineering feats like the city of Gurgaon, all the diversity, history and modernity of this mysterious land will be on display in a roller coaster aerial ride that reveals this ancient civilization that has survived through multiple millennia, given birth to four major religions, hosts no shortage of awe-inspiring natural and man-made wonders and is striding into the future with new found confidence. Aerial India, an explosion of colour, cultures, and majestic sights that will rivet the eye and the mind.


India From Above is part of the Asia From Above series which travels from the beautiful, colour-soaked subcontinent of India, to the coral gardens and menacing volcanoes of Indonesia, from Malaysia’s rolling rainforests to Singapore’s spectacular skyline, showcasing Asia like you’ve never seen it before!

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