Belgium and Luxembourg From Above

1 x 52 4K

Belgium and Luxembourg have a rich history and an even richer landscape, telling the story of this fascinating part of Western Europe.


From the wooded hills and mountains of the Ardennes, so significant in Word War 2, In Benelux and Luxembourg From Above we visit historic ports such as Ostend. The great cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Luxembourg all provide real insight into the growth and establishment of this region, as well as its troubled history. Wars have torn through this landscape, as we visit the site of the Battle of Waterloo, one of the key conflicts in European history, as well as Ypres, a poignant reminder of the horrors or the First World War.


Benelux and Luxembourg From Above  is part of Aerial Profiles series 3 which takes viewers to the Balearic Islands, Wyoming, New England, Benelux and Germany.  


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