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The Faces of History

6 x 40 HD
Broadcaster:  NPO

How would it feel to look Shakespeare in the eye? To see the Cleopatra in the flesh, or to meet the Virgin Mary? This groundbreaking historical format uses new research and discoveries to piece together some of the most iconic faces of history,

From the original Dutch producers of hit BBC series The Traitors comes a pioneering new historical format, The Faces of History. In each episode, we go in search of an iconic character from history who lived before the age of film or photography. From William Shakespeare to Cleopatra, Marco Polo to the Virgin Mary, Marco Polo to the real Saint Nicholas, this series takes us on a mission to discover what these figures really looked like. Our host travels the world meeting expert historians and researchers to piece together the puzzle, feeding back new evidence in real time to a renowned 3D artist who uses these findings to build an astonishing life-like digital creation.


So how would it feel to look the Shakespeare in the eye? You have to see it to believe it.

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