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Street Hospital, Series 1

10 x 23 HD

Follow New Zealand’s Free Ambulance paramedic team as they work through the night on the frontline of Wellington’s busiest party street! Most party-goers are out to have a good time but some overdo it by drinking too much, getting into fights and injuring themselves.

Now, the paramedics are attempting a radical new approach. Over three months, two ambulances parked in the heart of the party zone will become makeshift hospitals treating the injured revellers on the spot, in the street. Will they make a difference to the city’s binge drinking culture and reduce the number of trashed party-goers piling into the hospital’s emergency departments? And how will our paramedics cope, treating booze fuelled patients, in the middle of the party zone?

Through fixed ambulance cameras and live street crews, Street Hospital follows all the action as it happens, as the team are faced with everything from hens and stags gone wrong to raucous rugby sevens and St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Nominated for TV Guide's 'Best on the Box' Awards

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