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One Way: Hong Kong Exodus

2 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

In Hong Kong today, everyone knows someone who’s leaving; the UK government estimates some 150,000 citizens migrated through the BN(O) visa scheme in 2021 alone, with 5 million people eligible.


After years of political upheaval and heavy-handed intervention from Beijing, the exodus is hardly a surprise. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks about “those who arrive on our shores seeking the inalienable rights and freedoms denied to them in their homeland,” while HK’s leader Carrie Lam turns her nose up at “fugitives fleeing the city.”


With exclusive access, we follow the one-way journey of several families as they uproot from HK and venture into the unknown. We witness how they struggle physically and emotionally with the decision. We travel with them and discover what lies on the other side. And we bear witness to the quintessential immigrant experience: redefining who you are, without forgetting where you come from.

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