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10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki

4 x 50 HD
Broadcaster:  NHK

 An exclusive four-part documentary chronicling the creative process of the legendary filmmaker, re-edited from the original NHK broadcast version with cooperation from Studio Ghibli. Covering the development periods from Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2008) to The Wind Rises (2013), Hayao Miyazaki is shown as a passionate artisan, a steadfast trailblazer, and a father butting heads with his son.


For years, Miyazaki's films have captivated audiences around the world. Now, 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki promises to take a peak behind the curtain of one of the world's finest animators and visionary film directors as he contemplates his life and legacy.


With his latest and final film tentatively scheduled for release in 2023, now is the perfect time to discover the magic and mastery of Miyazaki and his vision.


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