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A League of Extraordinary Makers

5 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

A deep dive into the minds of extraordinary ‘Makers’ and the things they make, from old school inventors to new world hackers.


From guitars formed from AK-47s to fashion that feels our heartbeats and reads our minds, from 3D printed prosthetics to digitally fabricated cities, we chart the rise of the international Maker movement, delving into Makers' extraordinary workshops, creative minds and processes, and how they've developed in the digital age.


Featuring exclusive interviews with influential Makers across the world, including Dale Dougherty - the founder of Make Magazine and Maker Faire which has hosted 200 festivals full of science-art and workshops in 40 countries - and popular YouTube Maker Jimmy DiResta.



Winner, Silver Award for Best Editing: New York Festivals

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