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Taiwan: Caught Between Superpowers

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

“Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow” - as tensions mount, there is an increasing danger that Taiwan could be the issue that provokes a major global war between the US and China.


An understanding of this complex issue is absolutely vital to prevent further conflict. While some groups prepare for war, others in Taiwan urge closer engagement with China to prevent a tragedy. As senior US officials visit Taiwan, China issues stern warnings and sends fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone. With increased tensions, Japan and South Korea raise military spending. What are the possibilities of war in East Asia?


With exclusive access on the ground in China, the US, Taiwan, and across the wider region, this unique special provides balanced coverage of different perspectives on this urgent and increasingly dangerous issue.


Part of the award-winning series When Titans Clash: A New World Order

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