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The Truth About Cheating

1 x 52 HD
Broadcaster:  CNBC

An estimated 75% of University students cheated during their high school years, and many don’t stop there. Research shows that those students who cheat in school are likely to go on to cheat in life. There are cheaters everywhere, because we live in a world where honesty has been de-valued and a win-at-any-cost strategy is encouraged.


In The Cheating Class, students, administrators, parents and teachers speak about their experiences with what’s known as ‘Academic Integrity’, while experts provide insight into why students cheat. The film reveals what constitutes a cheating offence (it’s not a black and white matter) – and how to catch the cheaters.


For the first time, viewers will get a comprehensive look at the causes and the extent of academic dishonesty.  The Cheating Class offers commentary on ‘boomer’ culture, ‘helicopter’ parenting, and a generation of children that is leaving the nest late and delaying making decisions about their lives. 

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