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The Truth About Liars

1 x 52 HD
Broadcaster:  CNBC

The truth is… we are all liars. Scientists say that by the age of four we have all learned to lie. We lie to protect ourselves and others. We lie to protect others’ feelings, and to get what we want and need. Most of us fib in one of every four conversations that last more than ten minutes!


From the common little white lie to promises made by those governing us, scientists tell us that lying is integral to our survival, and that the ability to lie is fundamental to how far we succeed in our work, romance, and everyday life. Featuring the latest science, psychology, and technology, this surprising documentary also exposes our greatest weakness: our ability to sort the lies from the truth remains in the dark ages.


In The Truth About Liars, world class specialists share their findings and theories about the art of the untruth; concluding with one essential choice we all face – Do we want to live a trusting life and risk being misled, or be suspicious and risk disbelieving those who are telling the truth?

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