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Looted: Asia's Stolen Treasures

2 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

Since the colonial era, thousands of invaluable artefacts have been looted from Asia.


Today, a new generation of activists, archaeologists, and online sleuths are working to bring these treasures home – from an Indian bronze in the Oxford Ashmolean Museum to a Chinese silver flask at a London auction house, and one of the Met Museum’s most famous Thai statues. 


This investigative series travels the globe to reveal these vital efforts. By gathering first-hand testimonies from looters, with photographic and forensic evidence to prove from when and where they were stolen, these antiquity activists are using social media to put political pressure on institutions across the West and demanding the return of their looted idols and heirlooms.


From the American government to the temples of Cambodia, this unmissable series reveals the real stories behind stolen national treasures.



Finalist, Investigative Journalism: New York Festivals

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