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Aerial Profiles, Series 3

6 x 52 / 12 x 26 HD 4K

Aerial Profiles takes to the skies for a third season to show how human activity has left its visible mark on our landscape, and how the landscape, in turn, has influenced the development of our countries. In this brand new series we travel to Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg, Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, and to the USA across Wyoming and New England, telling the unique history of each nation from a bird’s eye view. Available both as hour and half hour long episodes.


Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera)


Known as a holiday destination, these islands also have a both a fascinating history, as well as some truly spectacular landscape. In Mallorca, we will see the capital Palma, and fly through the spectacular Tramuntana Mountains. In Menorca, we will explore some forts and find out about the history of invasion, as well as seeing Mahon and resorts like Cala Galdana.  Ibiza is famed for its nightlife, but as well as its resorts, it has a rugged west coast that’s well worth visiting. Formentera is blessed with great beaches and small resorts, but its coastline is also truly beautiful.




Wyoming encapsulates so much of the story of the birth of the USA as we know it today. In this episode we will see the effects of the gold and silver rushes, the growth of the railroad and the major travelling route, the Oregon trail. The jewel in its crown is the Yellowstone National Park. Here we will explore the park’s spectacular scenery, the story of its wildlife, especially the American Bison, and the majesty of its geysers and hot springs, especially ‘Old Faithful’.

New England


The six states which comprise New England give us the chance in this episode to showcase some of the most spectacular scenery in the USA. We will see some of the amazing lighthouses that line the New England coastline, as well as the islands and peninsulas such as Cape Cod. We will visit beautiful destinations, such as Lake Champlain in Vermont and the Isle of Shoals, and fascinating locations, such as the Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire, and the magnificent city of Boston.

Benelux and Luxembourg


From the wooded hills and mountains of the Ardennes, so significant in Word War 2, we visit historic ports such as Ostend. The great cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Luxembourg all provide real insight into the growth and establishment of this region, as well as its troubled history. 




This series will see two episodes dedicated to Germany, one looking at North Germany, and one at the Southern part of the country. Together they will paint a picture of this powerhouse country of Europe, whose history has left an indelible mark on the whole continent.



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