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The Meddler: The Real Nightcrawler of Guatemala City

1 x 52 /1 x 72 HD

Meet German Cabrera, a man obsessed with recording the violent crime that pervades the streets of Guatemala City. His obsession places him in the line of fire in one of the most dangerous cities in the world and his relentless pursuit of what he calls justice has earned the name ‘El Metido’ or ‘The Meddler’. Filmed over three years, this film is not only an expose of daily life in the city, but a human portrait of a man, corrupted. 


He covers more violence than any other journalist in the country and he doesn't get paid.He drives a squad car but isn't a policeman. He investigates crime scenes but isn't a detective. He's a mechanic.


It is undeniable that German has been tainted by his quest. Relationships are destroyed, friends are killed, his own life is threatened, fear is pushed aside, his moral boundaries are foggy at best, and he cannot seem to stop chasing and recording violence. The only thing that is clear is German's only personal belief that what he is doing is the right thing to do. 

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