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Catching a Scammer

3 x 48
Broadcaster:  CNA

This true crime series reveals the untold details of the cat-and-mouse game between investigators and the craftiest criminals – and we hear it from the very people themselves. Investigations in Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia follow the hunt to bring these crooks to justice by police, prosecutors, and sometimes even ordinary concerned citizens in this three-part series.


The first episode takes us to Taiwan - home to the some of the world’s most sophisticated phone scam syndicates. The second features the inside story of Singapore’s own Tinder Swindler, who made the news for posing as the ‘heir of a Korean billionaire’. Lastly, in Indonesia, the charismatic cult leader, who claimed the power to conjure money out of thin air, soon moved on from scams to murder, when cracks in his operations appeared.


The show tells the twisted tales of the devastating losses caused by the most cold-hearted schemes of swindlers and scam rings across Asia.



Finalist, Legal Issues Category: New York Festivals

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