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The New Hire

2 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

What is it like to navigate the world of work with a disability? This series accompanies host and disability rights campaigner, Grace Lee-Khoo, as she embarks on a journey with four individuals with disabilities as they overcome their own fears as well as the real-world hurdles that stand between them and their dream jobs.


The protagonists have differing disabilities and aspirations, but share one common goal - securing their dream career. Elina is a deaf woman determined to become a truck driver. Nurul is blind and, inspired by her love of food, dreams of becoming a chef. Trevor loves both baking and content creation, but must decide which to pursue. Meanwhile, Wei Jian has Down Syndrome and is focused on his ambition of being a cleaner.


Join these inspiring individuals on this heart-warming and insightful journey as they strive to achieve their dreams, testing their own limits and learning much about themselves along the way. 

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