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Female Jihadists: A New Force In Terror

1 x 48
Broadcaster:  CNA

Southeast Asia has been rocked by a string of deadly terror attacks carried out by women willing to die for their cause. 80% of all suicide bombings in this region have been carried out by women and across Indonesia, Malaysia and The Phillipines, even more women than men have been arrested on terror-related charges.


Delving into the murky world of violent extremism, Undercover Asia goes on the trail to find out how and why women are becoming not just increasingly radicalised, but taking on leadership roles within the jihadi structure.


Featuring exclusive first-hand accounts of former terrorists, imprisoned radicalised women, and experts working in the field, we lift the lift the lid on ISIS’ and its affiliates presence in the region and discover what is being done by counterterrorist organisations to understand and prevent this alarming new trend.


From Series 9 of the award-winning series, Undercover Asia

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