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Cleopatra: The Faces of History

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We all think we know Cleopatra, the Queen of ancient Egypt, and its last Hellenistic ruler. We see her embodied in operas, plays, and most notably, by Elizabeth Taylor in the film bearing Cleopatra’s name. But just who was this devoted stateswoman, who mastered seven languages, wrote medical books, and philosophized with the greatest minds of our time?


Although often depicted as a startlingly beautiful woman, sources suggest the physical charms of this refined and captivating women may have been frequently overstated. But why does this power-hungry ruler, who managed to seduce the two greatest men of her time, still appeal to the modern imagination?


Our host, famous actor Derek De Lint, travels the Egypt, to understand the psychological and physical profile of Cleopatra. He visits important locations in her life, and delves deep into the archives, to provide historical context about the ancient Egyptian ruler. Meanwhile, Mao builds on these findings to create an astonishing and surprising digital reconstruction of her true face, allowing us to look Cleopatra in the eyes, for the very first time.

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