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Shakespeare: The Faces of History

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Broadcaster:  NPO

Shakespeare is often called, the greatest writer of all time! Everyone knows Hamlet, or Romeo and Juliet. Entire generations have been brought up with his works, and countless writers have been influenced by him. But much of his life remains a mystery.


Raised in a military family, he married at the age of 18  to 26-year-old Anne Hathaway. Together, they raised three children. Yet, out of necessity, he left his family to make his name in London. As an actor and certainly as a writer, he quickly acquired a reputation. He became famous, rich and could afford to retire at 50, shortly before his death. In this special, explore the important places of his life and discover a 'different' Shakespeare to the man taught in schools.


Our host, famous actor Derek De Lint, travels to England, to understand the psychological and physical profile of Shakespeare, and reveal his true face. He visits important locations in his life, and delves deep into the archives, to provide historical context about the famous British Writer. Meanwhile, renowed 3D artist Mao Lin Liao builds on these findings to create an astonishing and surprising digital reconstruction of his true face, allowing us to look Shakespeare in the eyes, for the very first time.

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