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Saint Nicholas: The Faces of History

1 x 40
Broadcaster:  NPO

Who doesn't beleive in Santa Claus? Father Christmas is one of the most popular and internationally recognised figures, and a favourite of children around the world. But do we have the right image of the Turkish man behind the Legend, Saint Nicholas of Myra? 


In this episode we start in the Turkish city of Demre (formerly Myra) to tell the story of Saint Nicholas.


Our host, famous actor Derek De Lint, travels to Turkey, to understand the psychological and physical profile of Saint Nicholas, and reveal his true face. He visits important locations in his life, and delves deep into the archives, to provide historical context about the famous Saint. Meanwhile, renowed 3D artist Mao Lin Liao builds on these findings to create an astonishing and surprising digital reconstruction of his true face, allowing us to look Saint Nicholas in the eyes, for the very first time.

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