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The Virgin Mary: The Faces of History

1 x 40 HD

She is the most depicted woman in the world: Mary, the mother of Jesus, the holy virgin and mother of God.


Throughout our history there are versions of her to be found in art and culture, with the the ideal vision of the Mother not far to find. Mary is our version of all mother figures, but at the same time almost nothing about her as a woman is contained in the biblical stories.


Our host, famous actor Derek De Lint, travels to Israel, to understand the psychological and physical profile of Mary, and reveal hertrue face. He visits important locations in herlife, and delves deep into the archives, to provide historical context about this infamous figure of Motherhood. Meanwhile, renowed 3D artist Mao Lin Liao builds on these findings to create an astonishing and surprising digital reconstruction of her true face, allowing us to look The Virgin Mary in the eyes for the very first time.


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