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Digging for Britain: WWII Special

1 x 60
Broadcaster:  BBC

In this special edition of Digging For Britain, the team are on the hunt for archaeology from our more recent past as they follow the search for artefacts from World War Two.


They join marine archaeologists in the Solent as they raise the once-in-a-lifetime find of a Fairey Barracuda divebomber. The Special also reveals a dig in the Lake District, which tells the moving story of the Windermere Boys, children of the Holocaust who survived against the odds and were resettled in Britain after the war.


In Aldbourne in Wiltshire the search is on for the most famous American unit of the US army, Easy Company, who were stationed here in 1943 and 1944. Archaeologists are particularly looking for any personal items of this famous regiment to gain insight into their lives in the months and days leading up to the D Day invasion.


And off a beautiful beach in Devon, archaeologists plumb the depths to discover more about a secret wartime military exercise that may have remained buried from view if it wasn’t for the curiosity of a local amateur archaeologist.

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