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Time to Work

1 x 56 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  Spicee,  Curiosity Stream

The definition of work is changing before our eyes.


From companies trailing the 4 day work week, or entrepreneurs breaking apart the very idea of work-life balance to create a more holistic integration of the two, Time to Work uncovers the changing boundaries of labour. Thinkers, entrepreneurs, researchers and workers discuss the changing rhythms and time frames of work, on this international journey that surverys case studies from Sweden to Japan via the Netherlands, Italy, France and England.


Featuring Buurtzorg, Mentimeter, Patagonia, Buffer, LDLC, James Suzman, Laetitia Vitaud, Laurent de La Clergerie, Anna Gullstrand, Hiroshi Ono, Patrick Mouratoglou.

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