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Satanic Panic: The Peter Ellis Story

8 x 25 (4 x 60 on request)

Delve into one of the 90s’ most controversial true crime stories – about a terrible crime that never happened.


In 1991 a mad hysteria gripped the city of Christchurch. Accusations of satanic ritual, child abuse, infanticide and cannibalism overwhelmed the city, resulting in the wrongful imprisonment of Peter Ellis, a 33-year-old gay childcare worker.


One brave reporter, Melanie Reid, was there from the very beginning, and remained determined to bring out the truth and prove Peter Ellis’s innocence. Using never-before-seen footage and gripping interviews taken from the lost tapes – which Reid personally rescued from a dumpster –  this series delves into the infamous Peter Ellis story as it unfolds, revealing how paranoia, media frenzy and prejudice resulted in a miscarriage of justice that would take 30 years to put to right.


Winner of the best crime and justice reporting series at the New Zealand National Media Awards 2023

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