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Bear: Koala Hero

1 x 48
Broadcaster:  Foxtel

Join wildlife activist Tyson Mayr and follow the incredible work of koala detection dog, turned international hero, 'Bear' and his team, as they rescue and rehabilitate injured koalas from burnt-out bushland across Australia.


In recent years, the Australian bushfires have burnt through areas the size of England and Wales combined. Over one billion wild animals perished. But thanks to Bear’s heroism, hundreds of animals have been saved who would never have survived without his help.


Bear’s heroic life is a far cry from how he started out - a puppy in a rescue shelter diagnosed with OCD. But since being rescued, Bear has spent his life training to find endangered animals by scent. This is a story of courage in the face of fire, survival in the face of devastation and hope rising from the ashes.


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