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China: Preparing for Dangerous Storms

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

President Xi has asked China to “prepare for dangerous storms”, but how is that affecting the superpower and its place in the world?


With exclusive access, this series investigates China’s drive for military superiority, self-sufficiency and soft power.


Episode 1 goes inside the world's largest military force, the 2-million strong People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and examines its growth plans ahead of its centenary in 2027, and how that could affect Taiwan, the US and the wider region.


Episode 2 examines China's quest for self-sufficiency, and its move towards greater technological independence, amidst an ongoing semiconductor war with the U.S.

Episode 3 investigates China's soft power drive, from its large scale war movies to its hyper-nationalist cyber youth armies, including the influential 'little pinks'.


Featuring an array of international experts from the US, China and beyond, this unmissable series provides unparralled insight into China today, and how the superpower's rise can affect us all. From the producers of the award-winning series US & China: When Titans Clash.

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