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Inside Crime Scene

5 x 48 HD

Singapore today is considered very safe, but it's had its share of gruesome crimes over the years. In this award-winning docudrama series, we investigate everything from serial killers to gory crimes of passion, with intimate details of each crime revealed by witnesses.


From going inside the mind of a serial killer who broke into the home of a businessman and killed 5 people in one robbery, to investigating a disturbing series of child murders, to applying modern forensics to an infamous man who murdered his lover and chopped her body up into seven parts, this series leaves no stone unturned.


Gripping reconstructions bring these brutal crimes to life, with police, forensics and criminal psychology experts revealing how modern CSI techniques can help shed new light on these intriguing cases.


Winner, Best Digital Non-Fiction Programme/Series: Asian Academy Creative Awards


Silver Medal, Streaming Documentary: New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

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