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Ultimate Aurora

1 x 52 HD

Ultimate Aurora follows Dr. Ben Longmier and his team into the rugged Alaskan wilderness as part of their quest to build a whole new type of rocket engine. Their goal is to test sensitive components by launching them into radiation-filled environments of space aboard helium balloons. They follow the trail to revolutionize space travel and exploration, by harnessing the energy contained in the dynamic fourth state of matter: plasma.

This action-packed one-off explores a big dream at the moment of its birth… from dramatic balloon launches on mountain glaciers, to spectacular imagery inside the Sun, and flights through colourful geomagnetic storms.

An exciting programme about individuals who are challenging the odds and striking out to new frontiers. As part of a larger trend of private enterprise in space, their audacious plan is to seize the historic initiative by opening up whole new avenues of space exploration.

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