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Inside Indonesia's Football Ultras

1 x 47 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

The Kanjuruhan football stadium tragedy of October 2022 killed 135 people, the second worst ever stadium disaster in human history. Why did it happen? And why are Indonesia's football fans so incredibly passionate?


We delve into the heart of Indonesia's ultra football fan clubs, unmasking a world of extreme fandom unparalleled in Asia. Through the eyes of Lutfi, member of Jakmania ultra club and the notorious Manggarai Barrabravas, we experience the adrenaline of a football match, and witness the fans’ devotion to the game, their frustrations with the authorities, and their inclination towards violence.


We meet the families of some of the victims of the Kanjuruhan Stadium tragedy like Evi, who is still grieving for her husband and 3-year-old son and Umi, who is mourning the death of her teenage daughter.


As we dig into the events that day, a darker picture of trigger-happy police and pervasive corruption within the Indonesian football league emerges. The tragedy is seen by some as the wake-up call Indonesian football needs but at what cost? And will the promised reforms result in lasting change?


Part of the award-winning programme Undercover Asia, Series 10

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