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Aerial Profiles, Series 4

6 x 52 4K

Aerial Profiles takes to the skies for a spectacular fourth season, to show how human activity has left its visible mark on our landscape, and how the landscape, in turn, has influenced the development of our countries. In this brand new series we travel across the globe to New York, Northern France, Southern France, Rio de Janeiro, Nebraska and Portugal.


Each episode uses aerial footage in glorious 4K, unique mapping technologies, and historical imagery to bring these landscapes to life.


New York
We begin in the state of New York, world famous for its towering skyscrapers, but less well-known for its forests the size of some countries, amazing lakes and seaways, and the magnificent Niagara Falls.


From New York, we head to Portugal where we explore the history of this magnificent country, its fine cities and ancient villages, and its attraction as a holiday destination.


Northern and Southern France
From Portugal we head to France, where we move from the magnificent Mediterranean coastline in the south, to the fine chateaux and capital city of Paris to the north.


After France we head west and travel across the immense prairies and discover the fascinating stories of the state of Nebraska, one of America’s leading agricultural states.


Rio de Janeiro
Our series finale takes us to the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. So much more than just the incredible city of Rio, the state contains mountains, tropical forests and some of the finest beaches in the world.

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