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Katiba Banat: Sudanese Sisters in Arms

1 x 52 / 5 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  OMNI

Award-winning producer and director, Adhel Arop explores the reflections of women who fought in one of Africa’s longest and bloodiest conflicts: the Second Sudanese Civil War.  These women spent their teen years in the rebels' only female battalion, leading to their displacement and immigration to Canada, where they are now all reuniting for the first time to raise awareness of their role in South Sudan’s history.


Through interviews, archival footage and animation, this documentary explores why these women joined the rebellion, depicts what their lives as teenage soldiers were like, and how their new lives in Canada have affected how they think about their time at war.


The first documentary made on this all-female battalion highlights the key role a group of exceptional women played in the birth of South Sudan, the world's youngest nation.

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