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The Longest Day, Series 2

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

This award-winning series returns to reveal the challenges faced by families living on the front lines of the climate crisis.


We enter the lives of six families in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, following them across months and seasons as they confront the effects of extreme heat, volatile weather, and rising sea levels. Each episode offers a unique lens on how climate change shapes family dynamics and affects every generation differently. 


Children, born into an uncertain world, grapple with a future in which climate threats cast shadows over their safety and dreams.

For parents, it is an emotional battle as they strive to protect and provide for their families with ingenuity and resolve.

While the elderly, faced with the loss of a world they once knew, draw on experience and resilience to adapt and survive.

With extensive access and sensitive storytelling, this series paints a revealing portrait of families on the precipice of change.

Series 1 - Winner: Silver Medal, News Documentary at the World Media Festivals Awards

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