Aerial Profiles

23 x 52 / 46 x 26 4K

From the producers of World from AboveAerial Profiles takes to the skies to show how human activity has left its visible mark on our landscape, and how the landscape, in turn, has influenced the development of our countries.

Each episode features a different country, state or region, and shows how it has developed, using aerial footage from helicopter, drone and satellite. Unique mapping technologies and historical imagery help bring our landscape to life. Discover how key people have helped shape our countries, the effects of momentous events in history, and the results of incredible forces of nature.

Aerial Profiles consists of the following series, all in glorious 4K:

Aerial Profiles Series 1 (5 x 52 / 10 x 26)
Episodes in: Montana, Scotland, Italy, Denmark.

Aerial Profiles Series 2 (6 x 52 / 12 x 26)
Episodes in: Iceland, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Spain.

Aerial Profiles Series 3 (6 x 52 / 12 x 26)
Episodes in: The Balearic Islands, Wyoming, New England, Belgium & Luxembourg, Germany. 

Aerial Profiles Series 4 (6 x 52 / 12 x 26)
Episodes in: New York, Portugal, France, Nebraska, Rio de Janeiro. 

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