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The Yonge Street Uprising

1 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  CityTV

On May 4th, 1992, a crowd of roughly 1,000 rioted on Toronto's Yonge Street, breaking windows, looting stores, and throwing debris in response to police racism. That night, the city erupted. Similar to the LA Riots, the uprising resulted in 32 arrests, dozens of injuries, and damage to more than 100 stores on Yonge St., but also sparked a sea-change in the city's relationship with race.


Using first-hand accounts from people directly involved - from activists and victims of police violence, to journalists and lawyers - this film takes a look at the history and events leading up to the 1992 Yonge Street uprising and its effects 30 years later.


We are invited to rethink the role of policing, and ask how much has changed since 1992.

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