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Breaking Brethren: Escaping a Fundamentalist Sect

1 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  CityTV

Five former members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian church come forward to tell the story of how the sects’ extreme fundamentalist practices divide families and leave countless lives shattered.


This is a fundamentalist Christian sect whose communities are spread across the world. They dress like us, live alongside us, and do business with us. But on the inside lies a world of puritanical leadership, intense devotion to literal scripture, and a deeply rooted culture of fear. Those who live by Brethren rules must watch their every move. Those who fail to follow the rules are punished. And if you leave - or are excommunicated - you may never see your family ever again.


Discover the inside story of this secretive religious sect, through the stories of those who have managed to escape - all of whom are speaking for the first time.

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